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This is "Mijn Streek" 
Cut from the black coal,
Shaped by her valleys,
I am from this region,
Just one of countless stories.

My pride goes beyond an almost “forgotten past”
With my indelible DNA I step into the present.

This is "Mijn Streek",
Built by impeccable
coal black men
This is "Mijn Streek"
No one will ever banish our connection!



Brasserie Mijn Streek is a meeting place for everyone, where good food and relaxation are central. We prefer to work with products from our own region, keep to the rhythm of the seasons and where possible we use organic products.  

Brasserie Mijn Streek is located on the highest restaurant location in Heerlen, the fifth floor of the Glass Palace!
In a cozy and informal atmosphere you can enjoy a snack, salad, menu or just a drink.
Everything with the best view of Heerlen!

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